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Why tomato?

I love tomatoes in practically every form. They are versatile fruits (not vegetables!) that can be eaten in a myriad of ways — grilled, stewed, fried-green, sun-dried, etc. I like to think of an unpublished manuscript as a raw tomato, in which a good chef can find the potential for gazpacho, pizza sauce, and maybe even ketchup. Also, there’s something funny about tomatoes. I like that.

Why do you edit?

I love reading and writing and books and language. I have long believed that children’s books are superior to adult books in many ways, and all the wonderful and talented children’s book authors and illustrators out there continue to prove me right. As an editor, I have my own skills to contribute, and I love the process of helping writers shape their work. Seeing someone enjoying a book and knowing I had even the slightest influence in getting it into that person’s hands makes me very happy.

Why did you leave Little, Brown?

It took something major. I actually enjoyed my job so much that I was one of the handful of employees who followed Little, Brown from Boston to New York when the entire children’s department moved its offices. I left the company only because I was tired of living hundreds of miles apart from my sweetie, especially after we got married.

Why did you start ?

I was sad to leave children’s publishing. Several of my authors also seemed disappointed upon hearing that I was leaving. They encouraged me not to let my skills rust and have led me to believe that there are writers out there who would appreciate my editorial services. (I hope they’re right!)